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PVX Multimount®

The PVX Multimount® offers a multifunctional cable management system for guiding wire channel and/or pipes on flat roofs. It supports cable/tube tracks of e.g. solar panels, heat pumps and air conditioners. The 'Simply ... Click & Go' system is in accordance with the NEN 1010 standard. It allows you to install the PVX Multimount® within 10 seconds, without the requirement of tools when assembling or disassembling the system.

The PVX Multimount® consists of 80% recycled plastic and is fully Uv-resistant. The production takes place in the Netherlands as well as the assembly, which is carried out by social work places.

'Simply... Click & Go!'

Wire channel

You can easily install one, or several wire channels with various widths/diameters, next to each other. Are you working on a project which requires wire channel of more than 200mm wide? In that case use the PVX Multimount® coupling function, and experience the infinite width mounting. Whether it is a garage roof or an SDE+ project, the solution is always the same, offering comfort and speed.

'Simply ... Click & Go!'



The PVX Multimount® is applicable in two ways if it comes to installing pipe in case of transit or deposit. Install each tube diameter between 16mm-32mm without supporting tools, when assembling or disassembling the system. Installation after completion or expansion of an existing installation? Just use the lid function.

'Simply ... Click & Go!'